27 July 2023

Holistic Customer Insights for a Leading Middle Eastern Bank

We collaborated with a Middle Eastern bank to create a comprehensive Customer 360° View, enhancing risk management and enabling strategic cross-selling.

Holistic Customer

Company Overview:

Our client is one of the Middle East’s largest banking groups, boasting substantial assets and market dominance. Recognized as a key player across core business lines, it holds a premier position in retail banking, operating a vast network of over 220 branches and 900+ ATMs and Cash Deposit Machines (CDMs). The group also commands a significant presence in the corporate banking sector.

Major Challenges:

  • Customer Insight Deficiency: Lack of a 360° customer view hindering the tailored provision of banking products and services.
  • Data Fragmentation: Disparate data sources causing extensive duplicity and absence of a unified version of customer information.
  • Information Sharing Gaps: Non-interactive and siloed source systems impeding seamless information exchange.
  • Portfolio Performance Isolation: Absence of organization-level portfolio performance integration.
  • Acquisition Assessment Delays: Cumbersome assessment of bank-level risk and appetite for new acquisitions.

Our Solution & Benefits:

  • Unified Customer Master: We consolidated bank-level customers into a comprehensive master circular.
  • Portfolio-Customer Integration: Seamlessly integrated portfolios with the customer master for a holistic perspective.
  • Data Quality Enhancement: Leveraging SAS DataFlux, we enriched the Customer Master using diverse Data Quality algorithms.
  • Real-Time De-Duplication Engine: Implementation of a real-time de-duplication engine for pre-disbursal customer information retrieval, ensuring accuracy in decision-making.
  • Truth in Singularity: Achieved a single version of truth through synchronized data.

Products & Services Utilized:

  • SAS Master Data Management: Enabled comprehensive customer data management.
  • SAS Data Flux Studio: Created an enterprise dedupe system for multi-source integration with product and transactional information.