03 August 2023

Enhanced Loan Disbursement Accuracy for a Leading Indian NBFC

We collaborated with an Indian housing finance firm to create a predictive model for precise loan disbursement estimates, empowering informed lending and boosting customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Loan

Company Overview:

Our client stands as one of India’s foremost housing finance companies, offering various housing loans alongside diverse loan options such as Loan Against Property, Business Loans, Plant & Machinery Loan, and Medical Equipment Loan.

Major Challenge:

  • Lending Precision: The need for a predictive model to assess the chances of loan disbursement at the time of application.

Our Solution & Benefits:

  • Advanced Predictive Models: We developed and seamlessly implemented predictive models to estimate the probability of home loan disbursement based on customer data.
  • Affinity-Based Portfolio Classification: Customer portfolios were classified into high, medium, and low-affinity categories for effective decision-making.
  • Intelligent Disbursement Characteristics: Key characteristics indicating a higher likelihood of loan disbursement were identified, enabling tailored lending strategies.

Products & Services Utilized:

  • SAS Enterprise Guide: Employed for designing, developing, and implementing predictive models.