20 July 2023

Customer Segmentation Excellence for a Prominent UAE Bank

We collaborated with a prominent UAE bank to develop an advanced customer segmentation model, enabling precise strategies for enhanced engagement and growth.

Customer Segmentation

Company Overview:

Our client is one of the oldest and most dynamic banks in the UAE, with a legacy dating back to 1976. Operating through 38 branches, they offer extensive personal and business banking services. Their electronic banking solutions, including Telephone and Digital Banking, provide a modern and seamless banking experience.

Major Challenge:

  • Segmentation Deficiency: The lack of a comprehensive customer segmentation model for the Credit card portfolio hinders tailored strategies.

Our Solution & Benefits:

  • Advanced Segmentation Model: We developed and executed an innovative model for customer segmentation, harnessing demographic and transactional data.
  • Enhanced Cluster Representation: The created segments complemented existing clusters and provided additional insights, including vital parameters and their contributions for each cluster.
  • Strategic Empowerment: These segments played a pivotal role in bolstering account management practices, enabling impactful promotional campaigns, and facilitating effective diversification strategies.

Products & Services Utilized:

  • SAS Enterprise Miner: Employed for the design and development of predictive models.
  • SAS Enterprise Guide: Utilized for seamless model implementation.