13 July 2023

Enhanced Customer Insights for a Leading BFSI Group

At AxionConnect, we collaborated with a prominent non-banking financial group in India to enhance their customer identification process and streamline risk assessment through data quality solutions.

Enhanced Customer

Company Overview:

Our client, a prominent player in the Indian non-banking finance sector, specializes in commercial finance lending. They offer various products, including Business Expansion Loans, Property Loans, Vehicle Loans, Construction Equipment Loans, Infrastructure Financing, Microfinance, and Agriculture Loans.

Major Challenges:

  • Data Fragmentation: Lack of integration across personal loan, auto loan, and home loan databases.
  • Lengthy Turnaround Time (TAT): Delays in new acquisitions due to data processing inefficiencies.
  • Risk Assessment Complexity: Absence of a consolidated organizational-level risk assessment platform.
  • Data Collection Challenges: Information gathering from various departments for risk appetite assessment posed challenges.

Our Solution & Benefits:

  • Data Integration: We designed a comprehensive data model that seamlessly integrated different product portfolios.
  • Data Enrichment: Leveraging SAS Data Flux Quality Knowledge Base, we enriched and standardized the data.
  • Golden Customer ID: Developed and implemented Golden ID rules to identify similar accounts in the consolidated master, ensuring accurate customer records.
  • Integration with Business Rule Engine: The Golden ID repository was seamlessly integrated with the Business Rule Engine, facilitating efficient risk assessment and expediting the appraisal process.

Products & Services Utilized:

  • SAS Data Flux Studio: Utilized for creating a Golden ID for customers across personal, auto, and home loan segments.
  • SAS Data Integration Studio: Integrated multiple data sources into a single consolidated master database.