Most of the Telecom Operators frequently ask:

"How can I optimize my capacity with a growing base of subscribers but lower ARPU (average revenue per user)?" What can I do to predict which high value subscribers may be prone to churn and what things can I do to increase their happiness and loyalty? Also, what is my best subscriber revenue matrix and how do I optimize their value?

Similarly, what services beyond voice and data are delivering the best profit and which are not? Which profitable services or bundles can I offer to subscribers to maximize their short and long term value to my business? Finally, beyond my current portfolio, who and where are similar subscribers and how do I affordably bring them into the business?

Customer Analytics

  • Churn Prediction

  • Cross Sell / Up Sell

  • Segmentation Based Campaign Design

Risk Analytics

  • Predict Revenue

  • Design New Credit Limit for Pre-Paid

  • Collection Analytics